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10 Dec 2018


10 Jun 2019



Project Title

Access to the labor market of qualified Swiss and immigrants: Supporting and Inhibiting Fa...

H2020 Call Topic


The aim of this study is to define success factors for the integration of immigrants and Swiss returnees into the Swiss labor market.

In Switzerland as a country of immigration, highly qualified Swiss returnees and immigrants from third countries have difficulty finding a position that matches their training. This is partly due to a lack of networking, but also structural barriers to access such as lack of recognition of foreign educational qualifications or discrimination in the work environment are obstacles. Furthermore, personal barriers such as language skills, psychological factors, as well as lack of information on the Swiss labor market affect the job search. At the same time, Switzerland is missing skilled workers. These factors have so far only been considered very rudimentarily in existing research on migration and work in their entirety and their interactions. This gap wants to fill the present project. Its central research question is: which structural and individual factors do tertiary-educated immigrants and Swiss returnees from third countries lead to the success of job search in the skilled Swiss labor market, which factors are a hindrance and how do they work together? For this purpose, 600 people are examined quantitatively, half of them Swiss and one-to-one, half of them qualified and those without skilled employment, the unemployed being among the latter. The qualitative expert interviews (HR, decision makers of the companies) and interviews with jobseekers focus on the role of the social network and the structural barriers to access. This research project offers solutions to the shortage of skilled workers in Switzerland, which benefits SMEs in particular. It also contributes to improving job prospects for the unemployed. Specifically, it is for example to create a guidebook and guide for state and non-governmental institutions or to improve intercultural communication between the human resources sector and the target group.
Research addressing this current issue is therefore of central importance to employers and employees in the Swiss economy, but also to migration and vocational training research.

Expertise sought/offered

Comparative perspectives of other countries will be useful. We are looking for a coordinator with expertise from research institutions and universities in EU countries. Expertise of private companies and employment entities are also useful.

Tasks offered/requested

* Conduct surveys
* Dissemination/communication activities
* Organise/host training
* Design a business plan
* Organise a webinar

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