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OrganisationSt. Gallen University of Teacher Education




24 Oct 2019


24 Apr 2020



Project Title

Developing and applying out-of-school science education learning environments

H2020 Call Topic


Teachers seldom leave the classroom with their students. However, it has been shown that out-of-school learning
experiences foster students interest in e.g. science and related subjects.

Out aim is to develop exemplars of out-of-school learning environments in collaboration with non-school partners. This
should develop teachers interest in creating their own out-of-school learning environments. The focused topics are
related to STEM but cross-curricular topics could be integrated as well. The targeted grade level is K-12 or compulsory

ATTENTION: Science with and for Society is not on the Topic Selection List!

Expertise sought/offered

We are looking for partners from either the compulsory school sector or the non-profit sector who are interested in
developing and/or applying STEM related out-of-school learning environments. Further, industry members who are
interested in developing learning material in cooperation with schools could be future project partners.

Finally, we are interested in a partner who is already experienced with conducting a Horizon or large EU research
project as we dont have such experience.

Tasks offered/requested

* Conduct surveys
* Perform statistical analyses
* Dissemination/communication activities
* Organise/host training

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