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Observatorio Tecnológico de Hidalgo, UAEH (OTecH/UAEH)

 Contact details
Contact personAlejandro Mendoza 
StreetMiguel Lerdo 413, Centro 
Address 42000 - Pachuca, Hidalgo (Mexico) 
 Organisation details
Employees (in Depart.)11-25 
Organisation TypeResearch Organisation 
 Research Focus

 Fields of activities:
» History of Arts
» Visual arts
» Virtual Museums
» Other humanities
» Economics
» Public administration
» Innovation
» Media and socio-cultural communication
» Information sciences
» Business and Management
» Education (incl. training, pedagogy, didactics)
» Environmental sciences
» Journalism, mass media and communication
» Library and museum studies
» Transport planning

 Brief description of your activity focus
Management and development of technology innovation research, as well as innovation research on socio-economic sciences and humanities

 Details about Expertise / Competences / Technologies
In recent years have worked for a technology observatory (OTecH) doing technology surveillance and competitive
intelligence studies aimed at boosting inclusiveness of ICT-enabled research and innovation in Mexico, I have
developed big data analysis and activities oriented to knowledge transfer and dissemination of prospective
studies regarding nanotechnologies, biotechnology, information and communications technology, advanced
materials, and advanced manufacturing.

On the other hand, I am currently doing research as part of my Doctorate (PhD) in Digital Humanities focusing on
education and ICT, especially on topics regarding e-learning, new learning theories such as connectivism, the new
skills set, digital divide, inequalities in education, new technologies for digital libraries, virtual museums, social
platforms, and applications of ICT in expressive arts – visual arts. I have participated as part of the staff that
coordinates The International Festival of Image (FINI), where hundreds of photographs, films, illustrations, and
alternative work from around the world are selected and awarded each year.

I have also worked in the public sector as a project leader dealing with issues related to the transformation of
public administrations to become open and collaborative, e-government. I have been part of the board that is in
charge of the National Research and Education Network (CUDI) which is a broad band tele-communications
network, an e-infrastructure that interconnects research centers, universities, businesses and government
agents, I started and initiative for international cooperation between Mexico and Spain (CUDI-RedIRIS), an
agreement for science and technology transfer.

I have worked as a consultant for the development of a smart city transportation system in Valencia, Spain,
which was intended to be secure and clean with efficient energy consumption. I have also advised a Digital
Marketing Agency for SMEs in which we developed user-driven innovation solutions under a demand driven
collaborative model, where we applied design thinking tools in SMEs, along with a lean startup methodology.
 Research Activities

 International and national projects beyond EU Framework Programme
ALICE, Latin America Interconnected with Europe, a platform for free access to scientific information from digital

Participants: DANTE (UK), Coordinator institution
Europe: RedIRIS (Spain), RENATER (France), GARR (Italy) and FCCN (Portugal).
Latin America: RETINA (Argentina), ADSIB (Bolivia), RNP (Brazil), REUNA (Chile), Universidad del Cauca (Colombia),
CRNet (Costa Rica), REDUNIV (Cuba), CEDIA (Ecuador), roots (El Salvador ) RAGIE (Guatemala), UNITEC (Honduras),
(Mexico), representing RENIA CNU (Nicaragua), RedCyT (Panama), ARANDU (Paraguay), RAP (Peru), RAU (Uruguay) and
REACCIUN (Venezuela) .

LA Referencia, is a similar project coordinated by RedCLARA, where I have participated.Repositories for open access
scientific information.

I would also like to participate on projects where observatories play an important role, projects such as The ALCUE
NET, whose objective is to establish a bi-regional European Union, Latin America and the Caribbean (EU-CELAC)
platform bringing together actors involved in R&I orientation, funding and implementation, as well as other relevant
stakeholders from the public and private sector and the civil society, by addressing specific problems that EU-LAC
countries face or have a global character, on the basis of mutual interest, through activities focused on of key aspects
of societal challenges: Energy, ICT, Bioecnomy and Biodiversity including Climate Change.

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