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El Colegio de la Frontera Norte (COLEF)
Environmental and Urban Studies

 Contact details
Contact personDr. Alfonso Andrés Cortez-Lara
StreetZaragoza 1850, Col. Nueva 
Address 21100 - Mexicali, Baja California (Mexico) 
Phone(686) 554-7445 
Social Media(686) 554-7447
 Organisation details
Employees (in Depart.)250+ 
Organisation TypeResearch Organisation 
 Research Focus

 Fields of activities:
» History
» Area studies
» Economics
» Other social sciences
» Agriculture
» Environmental sciences
» Other applied sciences

 Brief description of your activity focus
Water resources management in transboundary settings and rural and urban areas. Mostly focused on local participation an institutional analysis.

 Details about Expertise / Competences / Technologies
Experience in research projects implementation using both qualitative and quantitative methods and using a perspective of institutional analysis. Such projects have been related to transboundary water management on U.S.-Mexico border area, irrigation, water utilities, agricultural development, and climate change among several others.
 Research Activities

 International and national projects beyond EU Framework Programme
• Researcher in the study “Water resources and sustainable development: social and guvernmental agents management strategieses in three transboundary watersheds in the US-Mexico border.” José Luis Castro (responsible), Alfonso A. Cortez Lara (co-responsible) and Vicente Sánchez (co-responsible). COLEF-CONACYT , No. 157067: jan 2012-dec 2014.

• Researcher in the study: “Agriculture, productive networks and entreprenours dynamics in Northern Mexico (1930-1993)” Arturo Carrillo (responsible), Mario Cerutti (co-responsible), Araceli Almaraz (co-responsible), Alfonso Cortez (co-responsible). UAS-UANL-COLEF-CONACYT: jan 2010-dec 2012.

• Researcher and consultant in the study: “Collection and Analysis of Water Utilities Performance Benchmarks for Mexico Northern Border Area.” Sergio Peña, Alfonso Cortez Lara, Ismael Aguilar (COLEF). BECC-WB: 2010-2011.

• Researcher in the study: “Irrigation and Transboundary Water Management in the Lower Colorado River: The Changing Role of Agriculturists in the Mexicali Valley, Mexico.” Michigan State University- COLEF - Institute of International Education-Social and Environmental Sciences Research Program, 2006-2009.

• Researcher in the study: “Water and poverty in center and southern Mexico and Central America: Opportunity asessment for water projects investments in marginal areas.” S. Whiteford, Alfonso A. Cortez y O. Arreola. Michigan State University-the Ford Foundation, 2005.

• Researcher in the study: “Water in the U.S.-Mexico Border: Convergences, divergences, and challenges.” Steve Erie, Francisco Peña, and Alfonso Cortez. University of California, San Diego -COLEF-COLSAN-UCMEXUS-CONACYT, 2003-2005.

• Researcher in the study: “The Red Cedar River: Meanings and Views of Michigan State University’s Students Living nearby the Watercourse.” Michigan State University- Department of Resource Development at Michigan State University, jan-May, 2004.

• Researcher in the study: “Environmental and health risk due to instensive pesticides use in the Mexicali Valley, Mexico.” El COLEF-Michigan State University-the Hewlett Foundation, 2001-2002.

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