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Institute for Sociology, Hungarian Academy of Sciences (IS HAS)

 Contact details
Contact personMs Mariann Kovacs 
StreetÚri u. 
Address 1014 - Budapest (Hungary) 
Phone+36 1 2240770 
Social Media+36 1 2240790
 Organisation details
Employees (in Depart.)26-50 
Organisation TypeResearch Organisation 
 Research Focus

 Fields of activities:
» Cultural studies
» Gender and sexuality studies
» Sociology

 Brief description of your activity focus
Basic sociological research (theoretical and methodologic issues); and to examine the dynamics of changes in society.

 Details about Expertise / Competences / Technologies
The Institute of Sociology of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences was established in 1963. The researchers of the Institute have been actively involved in various international and national research projects, including the following research areas: socio-economic inequalities and poverty; social inclusion, anti-discrimination and equal treatment policy-making; aging society; migration; social movements; gender, family and work-life balance issues; welfare policies; information and knowledge society; risk assessment and treatment; technology and knowledge-economy; culture and media; power/authority and social stratification; elites and civil society; sustainable development and consumption; environmental sociology and eco-politics; European integration and EU developmental policies; urban and rural social change.
 Research Activities

 Project participation
Project #1
Project TypeFP7
Project TitleCivil Society for Sustainability
Project websitewww.project-css.eu
CoordinatorDialogik gGmbH, Stuttgart
Project #2
Project TypeFP7
Project TitleGovernance, Infrastructure, Lifestyle Dynamics and Energy Demand: European Post-Carbon Communities
Specific ThemeThe overall goal of GILDED is to identify social, economic, cultural and political changes which cou
Project websitewww.gildedeu.org
CoordinatorMacaulay Institute in Aberdeen, Scotland
Project #3
Project TypeFP7
Project TitleEthnic Differences in Education and Diverging Prospects for Urban Youth in an Enlarged Europe
Specific ThemeA comparative investigation in ethnically diverse communities with second-generation migrants and Ro
Project websitewww.edumigrom.eu
CoordinatorCEU Center for Policy Studies
Project #4
Project TypeFP6
Project TitleReconciling Work and Welfare in Europe
Project websiterecwowe.eu
CoordinatorMaison des Sciences de l’Homme Ange Guépin-Nantes
Project #5
Project TypeFP7
Project TitleDevelopment and application of a Standardized Methodology for the PROspective Sustainability assessment of Technologies
Specific ThemeThe main goal of PROSUITE is to develop a coherent, scientifically sound, and widely accepted method
Project websitewww.prosuite.org
CoordinatorUtrecht University
Project #6
Project TypeOther (International)
Project TitleCitizens in Diversity: A Four-Nation Study on Homophobia and Fundamental Rights
CoordinatorUniversity of Padua, Department of Sociology

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