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University of Patras (Up)
Department of Architecture

 Contact details
Contact personVassilis PAPPAS
Associate Professor 
StreetUniversity Campus 
Address 26500 - Rio Patras (Greece) 
Phone+30 2610 992937 
Social Media+30 2610 969040
 Organisation details
Employees (in Depart.)26-50 
Organisation TypeSecondary or higher education establishment 
 Research Focus

 Fields of activities:
» Geography
» Computer sciences
» Architecture and design
» Engineering
» Other applied sciences

 Brief description of your activity focus
Computer applications in spatial analysis & planning. Urban and Regional Planning. A pioneer of Greek GIS society

 Details about Expertise / Competences / Technologies
Dr. Vassilis Pappas is Associate Professor in the University of Patras, Department of Architecture. Main teaching courses he is involved in are Geographic Information Systems, Introduction to Informatics, Cartography, Regional Planning, and Methods of Spatial Analysis. He is author of many monographs, scientific papers, research works, etc.
He has been coordinating and participating in numerous national and international research and consulting projects dealing with information technology applications in spatial analysis and planning (PHARE, PHARE/OBNOVA, SMART, COMETT, LEONARDO, TELEMATICS). He has worked, as an individual consultant, in many National Organizations and in private firms, as a G.I.S. expert and spatial planner.
Also he has been reviewer and evaluator in the IMPACT-GIS, INFO2000 and City of Tomorrow EU programs.
Dr. Pappas is a pioneer of Greek GIS society, member of Greek Planers Associations, Hellas GIs (president 2009-12), Hellenic Computer Society, and Technical Chamber of Greece.
 Research Activities

 Project participation
Project #1
Project TypeOther (International)
Project TitleGIS in Urban Planning
Specific ThemeDecentralization Process
CoordinatorEuropean Agency for Reconstruction
Project #2
Project TypeOther (International)
Project TitlePHARE
Specific ThemeGIS

 International and national projects beyond EU Framework Programme
Short Term Expert for GIS in Urban Planning. Mission in various cities across F.Y.R. Macedonia (Skopje, Veles, Ohrid, etc) as scientific consultant and trainer. Support to the Decentralization Process. An EU-funded project managed by the European Agency for Reconstruction (ERA, HCG, 2007-08).
IT expert under the PHARE program (short-term assignment). Mission to Bosnia Herzegovina for the statistical sector as a trainer in GIS (CESD-Roma, 2002).
“Consultant on GIS & thematic mapping on non-income dimensions of poverty in Albania”, project funded by the World Bank. Member of the research team (University of Thessaly, 2003)
IT expert under the PHARE/OBNOVA program (short-term assignment). Mission to Albania for the statistical sector (Agriconsulting, 2001).
Technical evaluator, as a planner and G.I.S. expert, under the framework of “City of Tomorrow” Program (EC, Brussels, 2000, 2001).
IT expert under the OBNOVA program (short-term assignment). Mission to Montenegro for the statistical sector (Agriconsulting, 2001).
Technical reviewer and evaluator, as a G.I.S. expert, under the framework of INFO 2000 Program (EC - DG XIII/E, Luxembourg, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2000).
IT expert under the PHARE program (short-term assignment). Mission to Bosnia Herzegovina for the statistical sector (Safege, 1999).
Technical evaluator as a G.I.S. expert, under the framework of IMPACT Program (EC - DG XIII/E2, Luxembourg, 1993).
Research fellowship (postdoctoral level) at the National Land Survey of Sweden, under the COMETT program (Gevle, Sweden, 1991).
Research fellow at the Urban & Regional Spatial Analysis - Network for Education & Training (UETP under COMETT Program of EC-TFHR, 1987-1994)

Skopje, Veles, etc (FYR.Macedonia) ap. 30 days (2007 - 08) short term GIS expert
Tirana (Albania) 20 days (2002) a World Bank project
Banja-Luka (Bosnia & Herzegovina) 6 days (2002) short term GIS expert
Podgoritsa (Montenegro) 20 days (2000) short term IT-GIS expert
Sarajevo (Bosnia& Herzegovina) ap. 30 days (1999 – 2000) short term IT-GIS expert

“Social exclusion and inequality”
Development of regional indicators of social exclusion and methods of measurement of social inequality in Western Greece, Peloponnesus and Ionian Islands. OP Competitiveness and Entrepreneurship (OP II), 2007- NSRF 2013, National Range: Cooperation, Act I: Collaborative projects small and medium scale. Scientific manager (2011-13).
Study and assessment of the Spatial Impacts, in social and economic sector, of West Countrys Highway at the Region of Epirus.
Interim Management Authority Region of Epirus, Epirus Decentralized Administration - Western Macedonia. Participation in the research team as principal researcher of issues relating to GIS and spatial planning and analysis. Project leader: Prof. A. Bellas. (2011).
Patras: Seafront, Port, City .
Programmatic Convention between University of Patras and Patras Municipality. Project leader: Prof. S. Koubias, Rector. Deputy Coordinator and Senior Researcher: Pappas V. (2010).
“Riganokampos Master Plan”
Development of a Master Plan for Riganokampos Park. Park for Research and Technology. University of Patras. Commissioned by the Rectors Council of Patras University. Project director and Senior Researcher(2009 - 2010).
First prize in the international open competition of ideas and proposals
Andreas Papandreou Foundation. For reconstruction and sustainable development of disaster-stricken areas of the prefecture of Ilia and the Peloponnese region, as head of a multi-scientific team (Athens 2009).
Spatial consequences from the operation of the bridge of Rio - Antirrio and the West road axis (2004-07)
Bridge SA. Participation in the research team as principal researcher of issues relating to GIS and spatial planning and analysis. (Scientific Manager: Professor A. Bellas, 2008).
GIS for Messolongi Lagoon
Managing Authority of Messolongi Lagoon, Greece. An extended GIS application. As a consultant and system developer, Ministry of Ministry of Environment, Planning, housing and Public works, Messolongi, Greece, 2008.
“Master Plan of Vassa”
Vassa is a traditional settlement in Cyprus (Troodos mountain). Ministry of Interior, Cyprus. Consultant as an Urban Planner and Developer of a relevant GIS System, (2007)
“Consulting services for the development of an Internet GIS Application”
As a consultant for the Cypriot Tourism Organization for supervising the relevant application: Interactive Internet GIS for tourist purposes (EEO Group Inc., 2006-07)
Mapping the city of the Aegean.
Synthetic research program in the framework of writing the Greek guidebook of the 10th International Venice Biennale exhibition. Kotzamanis V., Pappas N. (2006)
The profile of Greek woman.
An interdisciplinary project targeting to specify the profile of the Greek woman through an extended statistical and GIS analysis of population census data. (Scientific and Project manager, Greek General Secretariat for Research and Development, 2002 - 2006)
“Development and Implementation of a GIS system”
Managing Authority of Information Society Development Program, Integrated Information System. An extended GIS application. As a consultant, system developer and trainer, Ministry of National Economy, Athens, 2004-05.
“Analysis of urban consequences from the Junction Rio - Antirrion with special report in the rehabilitation – development of worksite of building the bridge”
A systematic approach of the operation of bridge, in the wider area of Western Greece, as well as the operation of urban complex of Patras - Antirrion - Nafpactos. Senior Researcher on GIS development and cartographic visualizations. Laboratory of Spatial Planning, University of Patras, 2002 - 2003.
“Strategic plan for Thessaly Region for the Information Society Actions”
In the framework of “Information Society” development program was responsible for a questioner based survey, concerning the needs of the specific program (Consultant, University of Thessaly, 2002)
“Master Plan of University Campus at Patras”
Development of Master Plan of University Campus at. Patras. The University campus is seven kilometers east of the city and extents in a 2.6 sq. km. area. Senior Researcher on GIS development and cartographic visualizations. Research project for the Senate, 2002 and 2008)
Pandora: An electronic atlas for Greece via Internet.
The development of an interactive Internet site for analysing and presenting demographic data and creating thematic maps. (Scientific and Project manager, Greek General Secretariat for Research and Development, 1999-2001)

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