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 Czech Republic13 
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 Faroe Islands
 North Macedonia
 Slovak Republic28 
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 United Kingdom161 
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Institute for Developmental and Strategic Analysis - IRSA (Institute IRSA)

 Contact details
Contact personAna Hafner 
StreetDunajska cesta 113 
Address 1000 - Ljubljana (Slovenia) 
Phone+386 1 534 31 66 
Social Media+386 1 534 31 67
 Organisation details
Employees (in Depart.)1-10 
Organisation TypeResearch Organisation 
 Research Focus

 Fields of activities:
» Cultural studies
» Economics
» Gender and sexuality studies
» Political science
» Sociology
» Other social sciences
» Statistics
» Education (incl. training, pedagogy, didactics)

 Brief description of your activity focus
Research activities are located at the intersections of cultural studies, economic sociology, studies of science, technology and creativity

 Details about Expertise / Competences / Technologies
The Institute for Developmental and Strategic Analysis (IRSA) is a private, non-profit research institution on the fields of social sciences and humanities in the sense of the academic research as well to the policy relevant studies specific for the think-tank organisations.
The last years main research projects in the IRSA are connected to socio-cultural aspects of knowledge and technology transfer and were investigated from the point of view of the social studies of science and technology as well as from the aspect of theoretical concepts of social and human capital. An empirical approach is based on the triangulation, which combines the quantitative and qualitative methods and data including meta-analysis and case studies.
The main fields of expertise are therefore:
- social capital and developmental/innovation performance on regional and (cross-)national level
- the impact of cultural patterns on innovation capacity
- the epistemic and organizational aspects of knowledge transfer in high-tech firms
Institute IRSAs expertise/competence is based on the intersection of cultural studies, economic (and political) sociology and social studies of science and technology. All researchers, members of IRSA, have experiences in international and/or EU research programmes and projects.
 Research Activities

 Project participation
Project #1
Project TypeNational
Project TitleSocio-cultural and Organisational Aspects of Knowledge and Technology Transfer
CoordinatorInstitute IRSA
Project #2
Project TypeNational
Project TitleINNOVATION - Cognitive Mobilisation and Innovation Capacity - Comparing Old and New EU Members
CoordinatorInstiture IRSA
Project #3
Project TypeNational
Project TitleProject of support to national system of innovation, 2011
CoordinatorInventors Centre ASI

 International and national projects beyond EU Framework Programme
All researchers, members of IRSA, have experiences in international and/or EU research programmes and projects, such as cooperation in DIOSCURI (Eastern Enlargement – Western Enlargement, Cultural Encounters in the European Economy and Society after the Accession); Network of Excellence CONNEX (Connecting Excellence on European Governance); ETGACE, Lifelong Learning, Governance and Active Citizenship in Europe and European Commissions 6th Framework Programme.
Institute IRSA has published several scientific publications, for example Adam, F. and Westlund, H. (eds): Innovation in Socio-cultural Context, Routledge, London (forthcoming). More information about publications: www.institut-irsa.si

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